A Long-Due Update to Cascade Wellness Clinic!

I started out with Dr. Rick Allen in 1995 and over the years have migrated his website to the present in both coding and design update, however, this latest re-vamp is a complete visual redesign! We tightened up the home page and added a horizontal banner and drop-down menus. While he has over 150 pages at his site, it was a fairly easy update as I had mostly prepared the site for CSS a few years ago. I did, though, need to revisit, cut and paste, view, and validate each page.  Moving forward, changing out the background, link colors, nameplate and other design elements is mostly a matter of changing just a few files, instead of all 150! See the before and after images below.

Dr. Rick Website: BEFOREDr. Rick Website: AFTER

Above, Before (left) and After (right)