Iridology and Natural Health site gets update!

Here’s another example of a longtime client, Dr. Cheryl Matschek, who after years of the same website knew it was time for an update. Again, this client had the site developed by another designer, prior to 2000, who eventually was no longer available. Enter KP Services.

First of all, back then, the site’s coding was atrocious, likely the result of a WYSIWYG editor. It would likely have broken modern web browsers, so KP Services overhauled the ‘transmission.” We left the principle design elements in place, but restructured the site files using “includes” that keep elements consistent page-to-page, and allows for simple one or two file updates of things such as the header graphics and address and phone. Additionally, this transmission overhaul allowed for Dr. Matschek’s current redesign to happen much more quickly.

Cheryl Matschek Website - After


Cheryl Matschek's website : Before


Cheryl is thrilled with the look, “I LOVE it! This is awesome! I love the design and the colors and all of it! Yeah! You are amazing…and you are quick!” She is anxious to have me redesign her speaking pages,, too, which will be done with a similar ‘look’ once she gets her changes organized and consolidated.