Kati’s Cakes – website remodel & credibility builder

Remodeled Kati's Cakes website screenshot

Remodeled Kati’s Cakes website screenshot

It’s amazing how having a bad web site — or in this case, a bad or poorly executed WordPress installation — can actually work against you more than having no website. Case in point: KatisCakes.com. While her previous website looked passable on phone screens, it was a disaster on larger screens. First of all, unless there’s a specific need or event or special case, get rid of any sort of landing page that cloaks the rest of the site from view. From a usability standpoint: users hate them. Extra click, extra load time, extra data hit. See a screen shot of the old site below, or visit the archived version to see what I mean: http://web.archive.org/web/20160305175451/http://katiscakes.com/

Secondly, the black / dark / inconsistent color scheme did nothing to highlight the delights that Kati creates. Let’s lighten up people! (At least on this site.)

Kati's Cakes website before remodel screenshot

Kati’s Cakes website before remodel

Thirdly, Kati wants to be able to upload new photos of her custom desserts at her own convenience. KP Services found a suitable and easy-to-use plugin to allow Kati that freedom. If you’re needing a website remodel, consultation, or help please contact KP Services.

Meanwhile, if you’re in the Portland, Oregon, metro area, contact Kati @ Kati’s Cakes for your custom sweet treat.

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