Mark Smith Nature Tours — newly “renovated”

Check out the updated Mark Smith Nature Tours site. I reworked the back-end code and changed main body text to black. The site had originally been designed by a WYSIWYG html editor, and used tables up the ying-yang for layout. YUCK, plus extra code ruining the content to code ratio.

Mark has led overseas tours for over 25 years. He has been to every continent and really knows his stuff (My mom can attest to that… she has gone on several trips with Mark over the years. ) From what she says, you will experience adventure, camaraderie, personalized attention and enthusiasm. Mark uses regional naturalists to enhance the experience with day trips to locations only the locals know.

One of Marks favorite destinations is Madagascar, so much so, that he has developed a separate website just for his Madagascar Nature Tours.

So, sit back and enjoy Mark’s photography (a slide show of his work is coming Winter 2008), and live vicariously through his pictures, OR get up, get out and go for an adventure with Mark Smith Nature Tours!