Process: – Wholesale Womens Fashion Now Online

Wow… this was a bit outside my regular type of industry, but a fun project to work on! wanted an online presence and contacted me from a referral through a fellow Portland Mac User Group member.

Starting from complete scratch, the process consisted of collecting information about the company such as history, philosophy, demographics of their customer, and any existing graphics. I also wanted to see what their suppliers, customers and competitors websites looked like so I knew what the informal industry standard is. Luckily, they’re fairly simple sites (it ranged widely), so my style fits right in.

CSisters (also known as Crayola Sisters) needed a new logo. There had been some problem with their logo containing a familiar copyrighted colorful children’s drawing tool … so I was called on to produce a new logo for them and gave them several options to choose from.

Once I saw their existing logo (and the redesigned one) I had a base from which to combine my research and visualize the design for the site. I mirrored the font from the existing logo in the headers and decided on a serif font for the text for a contrasty yet feminine feel. I got thoughtful copy and edits from the owner and assistant and feel the site has come together well.

Several more touches, such as adding custom photos ( I like to use stock placeholders at first, for a little SOMETHING! ) and expanding on the product/collections and market date sections are to come.