Video Testimonial Video Montage Helps Promote Client

Recently, business writing workshop and seminar presenter Gail Tycer had a presentation recorded for promotional purposes. Gail’s end desire is something to show prospective clients her presentation style, as well as highlights the comments attendees had for her afterward. Here’s part one, the comments:

This project certainly engaged my college education and first job! I was able to incorporate skills I learned while a video production / broadcast media major and during a stint at an ad agency, such as storytelling, point-to-point editing, graphics, sales and promotion. Though, unlike the greenhorn college grad, I was able to incorporate my years of marketing experience, thoughtfully through each step.

KP Services also edited down Gail’s presentation to promotional clips. While the raw video was hard to work with (not many usable visual cutaways, and the U-shaped set-up of the workshop tended to have Gail swinging back and forth a lot), KP Services uploaded a few promo clips to YouTube complete with tags, descriptions, titles and the like.