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Are you looking for AFFORDABLE and PROFESSIONAL web design?

You’ve found the right place! With KP Services, you’ll find the expertise you need for personal or business related web or graphic design, internet marketing, and consulting. KP Services will work with you to create a site with your feel adapting your pre-existing graphics (or creating new ones). Have your small ecommerce site, self-promotion piece, or online brochure created or updated here! From beginning to end, KP Services can get your web presence up and running. Or simply tuned up….

“Website Mechanic”sm

New! Now offering “transmission” overhauls for your website. Is this you: your website has been up for a few years and while originally professionally built, has since been patch-worked together? Or, you just created your website using a major brand wysiwyg editor that just doesn’t look or work how you want it? Not only can KP Services revamp your code and make the site consistent, and make things work we can evaluate your current set-up and suggest the most cost efficient solution.

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Website Development Consultant

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  • Starting from scratch? KP Services can help you with domain name recommendations.
  • Do you get frustrated at trying to decide the best web technology out there for YOUR site? KP Services has the know-how to evaluate new services and applications quickly.
  • Have a friend or relative who is a whiz at the bells and whistles of web design (and works cheaply), but lacks general marketing or organizational expertise, or back-end server technical knowledge? KP Services years of marketing experience will make several low-cost suggestions for web- and ground-based promotion based on YOUR industry.
  • Have some technical “know how,” but not the time to install a new website component? KP Services can quickly install, tutor, customize, and upgrade several popular web portals such as WordPress.
  • Want to be proactive with your site? KP Services will analyze your website, tell you what’s broken, and create a website technical and marketing “to-do” list to set you on the path to “do-it-yourself” website promotion, maintenance, and search engine optimization. If the plan looks too daunting, KP Services can step in at any time and help prioritize and complete the list to your satisfaction.
Web Marketing, Design & Consultation / Website Mechanic
Back-End / Hosting / DNS Administration