Some of my favorite Mac programs… two for Windows

For those of you who are my clients and use Mac’s (and hey, some of these even work for Windows too), here’s a few I wouldn’t do without:

A Better Finder Rename (Mac) / A Better File Rename (Windows) by is a low-cost file-renaming system. If you’ve ever had the task of renaming over about 15 files, you’ll quickly become a fan of this bit of sotfware. You can also get the whole A Better Finder Series suite.

Quickeys from CESoft/Startley (Mac/Windows): I wouldn’t leave home with out it. Hate typing your email address? Long blocks of similar text? Want to check your email with one button? You should have Quickeys. This is “Macros” system-wide, not just in Word. True, it is a learning curve to set it up at the start, but it’s time well spent.

DefaultFolder (Mac): This little gem runs full time in the background tracking where you’ve been working and presto, when you go to open or save, you can choose the recent folders from a list. You can also set certain folders to be the “default” when you open or save any application. Oh so handy. Other features as well. It may slow your dialog box down for an instant when it first loads, but he wait is worth it. Trust me. This is always on my “must install first” list when getting a new computer.

Tex-Edit Plus (Mac): A great little shareware word processing program that opens quickly, can read and save in several popular formats multi-platform (NOT MS proprietary though), and is great for what it calls its “Cleanup” function of removing DOS and ASCII gibberish.

Productivity on a budget… that’s my motto!!!