About the Service

An individualized marketing plan will be developed for you which may include cross-media suggestions, site description development, link submission, and identifying cross-link partners. Some clients want a complete strategy, some just need a little help submitting their sites to internet search engines. $50/hr.

Useful Marketing Tips

  • Develop cross-linking partners: Identify sites similar to your own. Find the email of the person responsible for the site and ask them if they would like to be linked from your site and if they would link to yours. This is a virtual form of word-of-mouth, often considered the most powerful form of advertising.
  • Get your web address out there: Don’t just rely on internet search engines to do your advertising. Include your web address on all printed pieces you hand out. See if you can get it listed in your local yellow paged business directory.
  • Learn how to phrase your announcement: You’re looking to be newsy, not pushy. The soft sell is most respected on the net. Create several versions of the announcement of your site for different audiences: media, potential client or investor, potential link partners.
  • Branch out from the Web: Explore the lesser used areas of the internet such as newsgroups, live chat rooms and proprietary services (like AOL) to find people, sites and services who will post your promotional material.
  • Use gimmicks: Just like with traditional marketing, web surfers are always drawn to the FREE items you can offer them. Weekly or monthly give-a-ways, speical time-limited drawings or even regular new content can get people to revisit your site and keep your name in their minds.
  • Think globally: Up until now, you may have considered yourself a local company. The internet, along with faxes and overnight delivery, has literally freed many of us from this local restriction. Create and market your site wtih a focus on your local area, but an appeal to the global market. You never know when you may be flown to Australia for three weeks to create a product that only you can create–all on their dime…!