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Custom Website Portfolio and Philosophy


  • Will work with your art to create consistent, personal feel

  • Content presented in a clear and organized manner (writing and editing available)

  • Aims for standards-compliant sites

  • Built to be accessible to all browsers and wireless devices

  • Commitment to lower band-width

  • Links must make sense and allow for easy navigation

  • Form must enhance content, not distract from it

  • Simple, clutter free, fast-loading pages


  • Sites created from ground up; hard-coded! Avoid bulky wysiwyg. Can customize 3rd party software.

  • E-commerce set-up, secure server installation, and osCommerce shopping cart customization

  • Website maintenance, upgrades, updates and overhauls--make your site more search engine friendly.

  • Search-engine optimization for existing home page. Keyword selection, meta tag refinement.

  • HTML, XHTML, CSS, forms, PHP and JavaScript plugins such as photo albums, blogs, forums

  • All graphic formats accepted: GIFs, Animated GIFs, JPEGs, PNG, Flash, etc. Your raw graphic or photo....

Sample Sites:

Screen Shots (click for larger view)

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