GoDaddy Website Tonight Keeps ME in Business!!! Two Case Studies

A few years ago, I feared that free and “immediate” (heh) services such as GoDaddy’s Website Tonight (GDWT) feature would put me out of business. No more! Seriously folks, this service, specifically, creates bulky, ugly, inconsistent, search engine un-friendly pages that don’t comply to current coding standards (at best), can break browsers and follows 1999 practices (at worst). Is this what you want???

Two longtime clients with side projects each tried to set up a Website Tonight website, with different, but similarly poor outcomes. MedStarNW chose a simple layout for 4 pages. While it looked OK and functioned fine, it was formed with 1999 standards, using very search engine and browser unfriendly “frame” construction. KP Services echoed the existing style, but brought the site into the 21st century (kind of ironic as the site was originally created in 2010). Here’s the before and after (select each for larger view):

MedStarNW - before

MedStarNW - GDWT frame-based version

MedStarNW - After

After KP Services compliant redesign

Current Trout Lake Area Business Association president, Rick Allen, DC, (Cascade Wellness Clinic) understandably wanted to use an association member to develop a website and accept registration for their local bike event (check out the 2011 Mt Adams Country Bike Ride) at their website.

Trout Lake Area Business Association

Trout Lake - GDWT, home page, before

Trout Lake Area Business Association

TLABA - AFTER!!! (a WordPress based site)

Mel, skilled in many areas of “getting things done” figured she could tackle the challenge. She looked for some web-building software or services to help her out and settled on GDWT. She managed through most of the site, but creating the FORM perplexed her (as it will most people), but hey GDWT has a “wizard” for that. Ya, right. KP Services was called in to diagnose and fix the problem. Turns out, this time, it was a total loss. There was no way GDWT would handle the amount of customization the TLABA required. (They don’t tell you that going in, do they??)


GDWT Form Wizard attempt

TLABA payment portion

Here's the Payment portion of the new form

KP Services consulted and implemented a WordPress solution coupled with a custom form for the event. Now, Mel can focus on adding content and managing the website as opposed to figuring out how to make it all work. That’s what KP Services can do.