Webvisions 2009 was Great! Mark it for May 2010

Wow! What more can I say about this event held last week. Three days, lots of workshops and sessions, and lots of learning! Well organized and low cost. The folks at Hot Pepper studios plus all the board members, sponsor partners, and fellow volunteers, know how to do it right.

This year I attended parts of four sessions on Thursday and three full sessions on Friday as a door monitor. I took a lot of notes. Here’s some highlights:

  1. Vanessa Fox (Google alumnus) alerted us in her “Future of Organic Search” session that Google has released two new features, “Show Options” on its results page will give the user ways to narrow down the search and the WonderWheel is a cool tool that attempts to show relationships. Very interesting, but not quite honed.
  2. Todd Hudson had some interesting things to say on “Effective Knowledge Transfer” that I’m sure my clients will benefit from, such as that “gamers got it right” in the way they approach teaching a user the game by having levels and stages you need to master before you can go on.
  3. Eric Peterson cut through the chaff in his presentation on “Competing on Web Analytics” (Check out his stuff on Slideshare.net). Basically, there’s a lot of data out there. You need to find someone who can turn that data into information, insights and recommendations. KP Services has the ability to do just that!